Alexander Mali

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The authors report the development of a papulosquamous psoriatic-like skin eruption following the introduction of mycophenolate mofetil (MM) in a patient with myasthenia gravis (MG). MM is a novel and potent immunosuppressive agent that blocks purine synthesis, thus selectively inhibiting T and B lymphocyte proliferation. Favorable results in refractory and(More)
Although the association of alopecia areata (AA) and vitiligo occurring in the same patient has been frequently reported in the literature, the colocalization of AA and vitiligo is very rare. We report for the first time an adult patient with anatomic concurrence of AA and vitiligo on the scalp. Even though both AA and vitiligo are thought to have the same(More)
BACKGROUND Mutations in lipase H (LIPH) are a rare cause of autosomal recessive hypotrichosis (HT) simplex. OBJECTIVE In this study, we investigated the clinical and molecular basis of HT simplex with woolly hair in 3 nonrelated families. METHODS Three families of Jewish, Arab Muslim, and Italian origin that presented with HT with woolly hair were(More)
Preliminary results of the attachment-based STEEP(TM) (Steps toward effective and enjoyable parenting) research practice project "WiEge" are presented. Within a multisite, longitudinal intervention study, young high-risk mothers enrolled in the 2-year STEEP(TM) program have developed significantly more secure attachment relationships with their 1-year old(More)
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