Alexander Madorsky

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We report on the development and test of a fast 3-D Track-Finder for the Level-1 trigger of the CMS endcap muon system. System tests included four types of custom circuit boards clocked at 40 MHz, optical links, and a high-speed custom auxiliary backplane in a VME crate. The hardware results, calculated using field-programmable gate arrays, programmable(More)
Sports rehabilitation has been proven effective with patients having spinal cord injury. This case discusses a man with T12/LI paraplegia who had acute rehabilitation augmented by competitive long distance wheelchair racing. Stress testing was used to evaluate cardiorespiratory fitness and to develop parameters whereby maximally efficient training could(More)
An open-access program for generating three-item statement (3TS) matrices from data such as molecular sequences does not currently exist. The recently developed LisBeth package allows for representation of hypotheses of homology among taxa or areas directly as rooted trees or as hierarchies; however, LisBeth is not a standard matrix-based platform. Here we(More)
In the past, physicians prohibited patients with neuromuscular disease or disability from participating in scuba diving. This report highlights the opportunities that self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) affords to physically handicapped individuals, to move without assistive devices in a gravity-free environment. The experience of a person(More)
Seventy-two patients having chronic back pain, representative of high-risk demographic and personality populations, received a broad range of therapeutic modalities designed around the theme of self-regulation. The self-regulation principle was used in: (1) biofeedback training for teaching self-regulated muscle relaxation; (2) psychological counseling(More)
We report on the design and test results of a prototype processor for the CMS Level-1 trigger that performs 3-D track reconstruction and measurement from data recorded by the cathode strip chambers of the endcap muon system. The tracking algorithms are written in C++ using a class library we developed that facilitates automatic conversion to Verilog. The(More)
We report on the development and performance of a novel track-finding processor for the Level-1 trigger of the CMS endcap muon system. The processor links track segments identified in the cathode-strip chambers of the endcap muon system into complete three-dimensional tracks. It then measures the momentum of the best track candidates from the sagitta(More)
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