Alexander Macpherson

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Many human breast tumors are driven by high intratumor concentrations of 17beta-estradiol that appear to be locally synthesized. The role of aromatase is well established, but the possible contribution of the steroid sulfatase (STS), which liberates estrogens from their biologically inactive sulfates, has been inadequately assessed and remains unclear. To(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to estimate children's exposure to traffic (number of streets crossed) and to determine the role of exposure in pedestrian injury. METHODS Questionnaires were distributed to a random sample of 4080 first- and fourth-grade children in 43 Montreal schools. RESULTS When analyzed by police district, injury and(More)
Gene therapy can be defined as the insertion of functional genes into cells to treat a disease. Cellular augmentation, whereby gene transfer confers a novel function to the cell, has proved to be useful in designing strategies for the treatment of cancer. In particular, a variety of cell types may be transduced with immune response genes that are intended(More)
A number of studies have demonstrated that potent anti-tumor immunity can be induced using cytokine gene transfer, a strategy termed transgenic immunotherapy. Our aim is to express cytokine genes in the vicinity of tumor cells, either by transducing tumor cells themselves, or by delivering cytokine-expressing endothelial cells to tumor sites. We compared(More)
The CYP2D6 gene codes for human cytochrome P450 2D6 enzyme, which is responsible for the metabolism of many psychiatric drugs. In schizophrenic patients treated with neuroleptics, decreased or loss of function CYP2D6 alleles may contribute to the development of tardive dyskinesia (TD), a movement disorder that frequently occurs with chronic neuroleptic(More)
Readers may make verbatim copies of this document for non-commercial purposes by any means, provided that this copyright notice appears on all such copies. This paper presents a dynamic principal-agent model of aquatic species invasions in which a manager, concerned about the spread of invasive species across lakes by boaters, sets interseasonal management(More)
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