Alexander MacEachern

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High tibial osteotomy is an accepted treatment for unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee. Conventional osteotomy can be a demanding procedure with potential for complications. Opening wedge high tibial osteotomy using an external fixator is an alternative that may have advantages in comparison with classic methods. The aims of the current study were(More)
Following the discovery of a powerful venous pump in the foot that is activated by weight-bearing independently of muscular action, a pneumatic impulse device was developed to actuate this pump artificially. In a multicentre international trial the device was shown to reduce post-traumatic and postoperative swelling; pain also was alleviated. Evidence is(More)
One hundred and seven patients with intertrochanteric fractures of the femur treated with a Richards screw-plate were compared retrospectively with 103 patients treated with a Jewett nail-plate. The mortality and morbidity were similar in the two groups. In patients with comparable fractures, those treated with a Richards device mobilised more quickly and(More)
Fifty-three ununited fractures with a median time since injury of 28 months were treated by electrical stimulation using pulsing electromagnetic fields. Union was achieved in 38 cases (71.7 per cent) in a median time of six months. For ununited fractures of the tibia the success rate was higher at 86.7 per cent. Previous or active sepsis, the presence of(More)
Four cases of subcapital femoral fractures, initially treated by internal fixation with Garden screws and subsequently complicated by subtrochanteric fractures through the lower screw hole, have been successfully treated by substitution of a Richards sliding screw of corresponding angle for the lower screw. All 4 subtrochanteric fractures united without(More)
The aim of this retrospective study was to examine a cohort of patients who had undergone high tibial osteotomy (HTO) using the method of opening wedge hemicallotasis, and who later required conversion to total knee replacement (TKR). The incidence of patella infra and any technical difficulties encountered during TKR operation were examined. A consecutive(More)
Five cases are presented of bilateral simultaneous rupture of the quadriceps tendon and the English literature of six isolated case reports is reviewed. All the patients were men, and most were over 50 years old. The injury often happens in elderly people and there is diagnostic confusion with other causes of inability to use the legs, notably with mild(More)
Intertrochanteric fractures of the femur are usually classified into stable and unstable groups, partly to predict the likelihood of displacement with early weight-bearing after internal fixation. Of 82 internally fixed intertrochanteric fractures which would normally be classified as stable, 25 subsequently underwent impaction along the axis of the nail or(More)