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Applying D. K. Lewis’s Counterfactual Theory of Causation to the Philosophy of Historiography
A theory of causation suitable for historiography must accommodate the many types of causal claims historians make. In this paper, I examine the advantages of applying D. K. Lewis’s counterfactualExpand
Cause, Chance, Determinism and Counterfactuals in History
• Any use you make of these documents or images must be for research or private study purposes only, and you may not make them available to any other person. • Authors control the copyright of theirExpand
Improving teacher training using empirical methods
This article investigates the participating students’ evaluation of a teacher training seminar about heterogeneity in the classroom at Bielefeld University, Germany. The evaluation made use of aExpand
The resting potential: introducing foundations of the nervous system
Simulate a neuron in the classroom. Figure 1: Voltage difference across the cell membrane over time, when a neuron is stimulated. A: the resting potential; B: an action potential; C: the restingExpand
A critical commentary on Isaiah Berlin’s philosophy of history
Isaiah Berlin famously attacked a view he called historical inevitability. He believed that a causal view of history entails the adoption of an extreme deterministic position – a kind of determinismExpand
The Periodic Table and its Iconicity: an Essay
In this essay, we aim to provide an overview of the periodic table’s origins and history, and of the elements which conspired to make it chemistry’s most recognisable icon. We pay attention toExpand
Possible Uses of counterfactual thought experiments in History
Counterfactual thought experiments in history have become increasingly popular in the last two decades, and a new and controversial branch of history has originated from their use: counterfactualExpand
Kinds of Determinism in Science
Determinism is a doctrine or assumption best defined in the realm of the natural sciences. In this paper I explain in detail the four senses of determinism, from the most fundamental metaphysicalExpand