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Endophilin is a membrane-associated protein required for endocytosis of synaptic vesicles. Two models have been proposed for endophilin: that it alters lipid composition in order to shape membranes during endocytosis, or that it binds the polyphosphoinositide phosphatase synaptojanin and recruits this phosphatase to membranes. In this study, we demonstrate(More)
91. We regret that space constraints have prevented us from citing many relevant papers. We thank S. Merchant and S. Miyagishima for critical reading of the manuscript; P. Beech and A. van der Bliek for sharing relevant findings before publication; for providing images for figures; and all the members of our laboratories for invaluable contributions. Cell(More)
Correspondence to Nikolaus Pfanner: nikolaus.pfanner@biochemie.uni-freiburg .de; Walter Neupert: neupert@biochem.mpg.de; or Jodi Nunnari: jmnunnari@ ucdavis.edu that controls the shape of the organelle and is crucial for the communication of mitochondria with the rest of the cell. The inner membrane harbors the complexes of the respiratory chain, the(More)
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