Alexander M. Romanov

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The paper deals with the perfect 1-error correcting codes over a finite field with q elements (briefly q-ary 1-perfect codes). We show that the orthogonal code to the q-ary non-full-rank 1-perfect code of length n = (q − 1)/(q − 1) is a q-ary constant-weight code with Hamming weight equals to qm−1 where m is any natural number not less than two. We derive(More)
The article offers a new architecture of the data bus for digital control system that satisfies the most modern requirements and is designed for use in mechatronic systems. On the physical layer, the new bus is compatible with RS-485 and Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps standards. A high level of fault tolerance on the architecture level supports various methods(More)
The article is devoted to the comparison of different hardware implementations of field-oriented control (FOC) for asynchronous motor controller in terms of the control quality, the required amount of FPGA resources and the maximum synthesis frequency. FOC controllers, based on the Kalman filter and the Luenberger filter were considered. This controllers(More)
In this paper, we propose a construction of fullrank q-ary 1-perfect codes over finite fields. This construction is a generalization of the Etzion and Vardy construction of fullrank binary 1-perfect codes (1994). Properties of i-components of q-ary Hamming codes are investigated and the construction of full-rank q-ary 1-perfect codes is based on these(More)
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