Alexander M Marcus

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OBJECTIVE To perform a decision analysis to determine the optimal strategy to prevent tuberculosis (TB) in health care workers with negative tuberculin skin tests. METHODS We used a Markov model to study the occurrence of events each year and compared BCG vaccination to annual tuberculin testing plus isoniazid (INH) preventive therapy for those who become(More)
BACKGROUND Even with optimal treatment, injuries from pumpkin carving accidents may leave people with compromised hand function. Pumpkin carving tools may reduce the incidence and/or magnitude of these injuries. However, evidence that they are safer is required before these knives can be recommended. METHODS Two pumpkin carving knives were compared to a(More)
Experiments were done with 75 healthy young adults to explore the neurophysiological basis of the acute marijuana intoxication state. Tests included recording the scalp EEG, visual and auditory cerebral evoked-potentials, the CNV, cerebral slow potentials related to certainty of response correctness in auditory discrimination tasks, heart rate, respiration(More)
A nationwide preoperative assessment guideline was introduced in the Netherlands in 1997 at the advice of the Health Council of the Netherlands. The preoperative assessment should entail an appropriate interview, a physical examination, additional tests, risk assessment and informing the patient. Dutch and several international guidelines recommend a(More)
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