Alexander M. Jamieson

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Immunohistochemistry combined with retrograde tracing has been used to show that of the afferent neurons supplying the dorsomedial surface of the hind paw, approximately 30% contain substance P and 50% calcitonin gene-related peptide immunoreactivity. Stimulation of the saphenous nerve causes plasma extravasation and antidromic vasodilatation in this area(More)
The influence of prior immunization to calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) was examined on responses in two models of inflammation plasma: protein extravasation following topical application of mustard oil to the hind paw, and changes in paw volume following subplantar injection of carrageenin. In rats with antibodies to CGRP, there was an approximately(More)
Using alumatrane and silatrane as sources of silica and alumina, respectively, and potassium hydroxide as the hydrolytic agent, a very high purity K-loaded zeolite was synthesized for the first time, via sol–gel processing and microwave heating techniques. Because of the bulky trialkoxyamine ligands, which shield the silicon and aluminium atoms, both(More)
Electrorheological (ER) properties under oscillatory shear of perchloric acid doped-poly(3-thiopheneacetic acid)/oil (P3TAA/silicone) suspensions have been investigated. The effects of electric field strength, silicone oil viscosity, and particle concentration were investigated. When the electric field strength reaches a critical value, the P3TAA-based ER(More)
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