Alexander M. Golubkov

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Under irradiation with full-spectrum visible light or blue light, both lipofuscin granules and A2E are able to generate reactive oxygen species and enhance membrane structure damage [2–4]. A2E is one of the major fluorescent pigments contained in lipofuscin granules. A2E exerts a number of toxic effects on RPE cells under irradiation with visible or blue(More)
The paper discusses an algorithm for spectral density estimation in the frequency domain using wavelet-based smoothing by wavelet thresholding techniques. The suggested algorithm can be applied to vibrational and hydroacoustic signal processing in order to estimate signal parameters in the frequency domain. The algorithm can be applied to the Fourier(More)
The paper discusses an adaptive algorithm for processing hydroacoustic signals of antenna arrays in real time. We perform mathematical analysis of the adaptation algorithm. The algorithm is based on an iterative procedure for finding weight coefficients. We provide recommendations for algorithm application under different conditions.
The paper is devoted to handling wideband monitoring tasks by discrete Fourier transform (DFT) modulated filter banks. Filter bank implementation is considered using CPU (Central Processing Unit) and CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) based on GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). We show that CUDA is more efficient for big signal sets due to low(More)
Photoprotective activity of heteroaromatic compounds (derivatives of 3-hydroxypyridine, amino-6-hydroxybenzothiazole, and 5-hydroxybenzimidazole) was studied in the system of UV-induced cardiolipin peroxidation. Although all three compounds had the antioxidant effect during free radical oxidation of luminol, only derivatives of amino-6-hydroxybenzothiazole(More)
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