Alexander Lyakas

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Specification-oriented components (SOC’s) are designed to facilitate the implementation of a system directly from its specifications. An earlier study has shown cases in which SOC’s enabled information systems to be implemented with considerably less code than when implemented with components designed by a typical object-oriented approach. This study goes a(More)
Interactive computer applications are sometimes specified by their use cases. These specifications are often formulated in a natural language to enable domain experts, that are not familiar with formal notations, to validate their usefulness. A use case-oriented application framework facilitates manual translation of the natural language specifications into(More)
Laboratories for training students in software development involve a considerable coding effort, reducing the complexity of the exercises that are possible in the available lab time. In order to reduce this coding effort our laboratory employed the component framework WebSI. An application developed with WebSI is composed of application logic (AL) component(More)
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