Alexander Lundervold

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Pre-Lie (or Vinberg) algebras arise from flat and torsion-free connections on differential manifolds. These algebras have been extensively studied in recent years, both from algebraic operadic points of view and through numerous applications in numerical analysis, control theory, stochastic differential equations and renormalization. Butcher series are(More)
B-series originated from the work of John Butcher in the 1960s as a tool to analyze numerical integration of differential equations, in particular Runge–Kutta methods. Connections to renormalization have been established in recent years. The algebraic structure of classical Runge–Kutta methods is described by the Connes–Kreimer Hopf algebra. Lie–Butcher(More)
Butcher series are combinatorial devices used in the study of numerical methods for differential equations evolving on vector spaces. More precisely, they are formal series developments of differential operators indexed over rooted trees, and can be used to represent a large class of numerical methods. The theory of backward error analysis for differential(More)
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