Alexander Ludwig

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We de…ne pessimistic, respectively optimistic, investors as CEU (Choquet expected utility) decision makers who update their pessimistic, respectively optimistic , beliefs according to a pessimistic (Dempster-Shafer), respectively optimistic , update rule. This paper then demonstrates that, in contrast to optimistic investors, pessimistic investors may(More)
  • Alexander Bick, Sekyu Choi, Angela Fiedler, Jorgo Georgiadis, Jeremy Green-Wood, Fane Groes +10 others
  • 2011
Consistent with facts for a cross-section of OECD countries, I document that the labor force participation rate of West German mothers with children aged zero to two exceeds the corresponding child care enrollment rate whereas the opposite is true for mothers with children aged three to mandatory school age. I develop a life-cycle model that explicitly(More)
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