Alexander Lindau

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Acousticians generally assess the acoustic qualities of a concert hall or any other room using impulse response-based measures such as the reverberation time, clarity index, and others. These parameters are used to predict perceptual attributes related to the acoustic qualities of the room. Various studies show that these physical measures are not able to(More)
The headphone transfer function (HpTF) is one major source of spectral coloration that occurs in non-individual binaural synthesis. Filters for frequency response compensation can be derived from measurements of HpTFs. Therefore, a reliable method for measuring at the blocked ear canal had to be developed. Subsequently, in comparing dynamic binaural(More)
Head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) incorporate fundamental cues required for human spatial hearing and are often applied to auralize results obtained from room acoustic simulations. HRTFs are typically available for various directions of sound incidence and a fixed head-above-torso orientation (HATO). If-in interactive auralizations-HRTFs are exchanged(More)
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