Alexander Levin

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SUMMKR 2005 O ption-adjusted spread (OAS), while a much better measure than yield or static spread, still tails short in explaining the dynamics of mortgage pricing. The standard OAS typically varies across instruments {pass-throughs, collateralized mortgage obligations, interest-only securities, principal-only securities), coupons, prepayment option(More)
MOTIVATION With the main focus of the Human Genome Project shifting to sequencing, bioinformatics support for constructing large-scale genomic maps of other organisms is still required. We attempt to provide for this with our work, aimed at the delivery of robust and user-friendly contig-building software on the WWW. RESULTS We present a prototype(More)
We demonstrate the common bihamiltonian nature of several integrable systems. The first one is an elliptic rotator that is an integrable Euler-Arnold top on the complex group GL(N,C) for any N , whose inertia ellipsiod is related to a choice of an elliptic curve. Its bihamiltonian structure is provided by the compatible linear and quadratic Poisson(More)
The aim of the present article is to study in detail the so-called spin equation (SE) and present both the methods of generating new solution and a new set of exact solutions. We recall that the SE with a real external field can be treated as a reduction of the Pauli equation to the (0 + 1)-dimensional case. Two-level systems can be described by an SE with(More)
In this paper, we generalize the classical Gröbner basis technique to prove the existence and present a method of computation of a dimension polynomial in two variables associated with a finitely generated D-module, that is, a finitely generated module over a Weyl algebra. We also present corresponding algorithms and examples of computation of such(More)
In the present article, we consider the so-called two-spin equation that describes four-level quantum systems. Recently, these systems attract attention due to their relation to the problem of quantum computation. We study general properties of the two-spin equation and show that the problem for certain external backgrounds can be identified with the(More)