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AIMS This study aimed at determining ageing-related shifts in diversity and composition of key members of the fecal microbiota by comparing institutionalized elderly (n = 17, 78-94 years) and young volunteers (n = 17, 18-31 years). METHODS AND RESULTS A combination of molecular methods was used to characterize the diversity and relative abundance of total(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the impact of health status on androgen levels in men and to assess the age-related changes in androgen levels. METHODS Sera were obtained from 526 men (age 20 to 89 years) participating in a health screening project and 35 men selected according to the SENIEUR protocol, which excludes those with underlying disease. The health(More)
Changes in key enzymes of oxidative metabolism at the mitochondrial level are known to be associated with the aging process, apoptosis, and many diseases. Considering the risk of acquiring a myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) with age, the aim of this study was to quantify mRNA synthesis of the carnitine palmitoyltransferases (CPT1 and CPT2), carnitine(More)
Generally, roots of today's medical ethics are thought to have sprouted from antiquity and from classical Hebraic consciousness, while the origin of hospital medicine and institutional nursing of the elderly was assumed in Middle Age and in modern times, respectively. But even between these two periods, notably in Byzantium (324-1453) there were many famous(More)
Several numerical methods and algorithms, for solving the mathematical model of a continuous casting process, are presented, and theoretically studied, in this work. The numerical algorithms can be divided in to three different groups: the Schwarz type overlapping methods, the nonoverlapping Splitting iterative methods, and the Predictor-Corrector type(More)
In this paper we present new numerical approach to solve the continuous casting problem. The main tool is to use IPEC method and DDM similar to Lapin and Pieska [2002] with multilevel domain decomposition. On the subdo-mains we use multidecomposition of the subdomains. The IPEC is used both in the whole calculation domain and inside the subdomains. The(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM A vegetarian diet is known to prevent a series of diseases but may influence the balance of carbohydrate and fat metabolism as well as collagen synthesis. This study compares expression patterns of relevant genes in oral mucosa of omnivores and vegetarians. METHODS Quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction was applied for(More)
— The main goal of this article is to investigate the numerical solution of a vector-valued nonlinear wave equation, the nonlinearity being of the Ginzburg-Landau type, namely (| u| 2 − 1) u. This equation is obtained when treating by penalty a constrained wave-motion, where the displacement vector is of constant length (1 here, after rescaling). An(More)
Iterative methods for nite-dimensional inclusions which arise in applying a nite-element or a nite-dierence method to approximate state-constrained optimal control problems have been investigated. Specically, problems of control on the right-hand side of linear elliptic boundary value problems and observation in the entire domain have been considered. The(More)