Alexander Lang

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS The xylem in fruit of a number of species becomes dysfunctional as the fruit develops, resulting in a reduction of xylem inflow to the fruit. Such a reduction may have consequential effects on the mineral balance of the fruit. The aim of this study was to elucidate the dynamics and nature of xylem failure in developing apples (Malus(More)
Information Extraction (IE)-the problem of extracting structured information from unstructured text - has become the key enabler for many enterprise applications such as semantic search, business analytics and regulatory compliance. While rule-based IE systems are widely used in practice due to their well-known "explainability," developing high-quality(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a new interface prototype for live music mixing. The ColorDex system employs a completely new operational metaphor which allows the mix DJ to prepare up to <i>six</i> tracks at once, and perform mixes between up to <i>three</i> of those at a time. The basic premises of the design are: 1) Build a(More)
Mammalian sirtuins are involved in the control of metabolism and life-span regulation. Here, we link the mitochondrial sirtuin SIRT4 with cellular senescence, skin aging, and mitochondrial dysfunction. SIRT4 expression significantly increased in human dermal fibroblasts undergoing replicative or stress-induced senescence triggered by UVB or(More)
The radial disposition of air in the flesh of fruit of Malus domestica Borkh., cv 'Braeburn' was investigated using a gravimetric technique based on Archimedes' principle. Intercellular air volume was measured by weighing a small tissue sample under water before and after vacuum infiltration to remove the air. In a separate procedure, the volume of the same(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS In most fruit crops, storage quality varies greatly between regions and seasons, causing significant commercial loss. Understanding the sources of this variability will contribute to the knowledge of fruit developmental physiology and may also benefit commercial fruit production via altered managements that reduce it or forecasts that(More)
— The importance of visualization in conveying knowledge is undisputed. For example, the rise and fall of stocks is processed and understood faster by examining the corresponding line graph than looking at the raw underlying numbers. For the effectiveness of this cognitive process several factors have been identified in research, like for example the(More)
eLearning systems open up new perspectives on knowledge transfer. Providing valuable content and elaborate interactivity structures could encourage the learner to discover knowlegde on one's own initiative in a constructivist fashion. Applying semantic web technologies to eLearning systems will facilitate a new generation of eLearning systems. In the(More)