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The application of bench-top ion-trap atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry in the characterization of in vitro metabolites of glyburide is discussed. The metabolites formed in vitro by rat, dog, monkey and human liver microsomes were separated by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and characterized by mass spectrometry(More)
The specificity and selectivity of LC-MS-MS is illustrated to explain why LC-MS-MS has become the method of choice for quantitation within the pharmaceutical industry. Two assays are described that demonstrate the facility with which new ion trap technology can utilize the selectivity and sensitivity of LC-MS-MS to quantitate trace level components within(More)
The use of cell-size parameters from oak trees as a powerful proxy for past climate reconstruction needs to be more intensively studied. The freeware tool CATS will help pushing these high-volume cell-size measurements. In this study, we analyzed the response of vessel size chronologies to daily meteorological records. For this purpose, we developed a(More)
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