Alexander Lamb

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This paper presents how acquisition, storage and communication of clinical documents is implemented at the University Hospitals of Geneva. Careful attention has been given to user-interfaces, in order to support complex layouts, spell checking, and templates management with automatic prefilling. A dual architecture has been developed for storage using an(More)
Digital physics seeks to help answer problematic open questions in quantum gravity by bringing to bear techniques from computer science. One approach to this endeavor is the creation of a toolbox of algorithms that can reliably simulate basic quantum phenomena. To facilitate this goal, we explore the extent to which set-based, pseudo-particle algorithms and(More)
The primary goal of digital physics research is to provide a description of the physical universe in terms of simple programs. One approach to attaining this goal is creating a toolbox of algorithms that reproduce the behavior of basic quantum phenomena. As a step in this direction, a simple pseudo-particle algorithm has been developed that exhibits(More)
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