Alexander L. Kupershtokh

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We propose several simple interpolations of the isotherms for real fluids in the region below the binodal curve, where data concerning the equation of state is absent, especially in the thermodynamically prohibited region. All interpolations satisfy the boundary conditions at the points on the binodal curve. The Maxwell rule is also fulfilled. As an(More)
The linear stability analysis of dielectric liquid placed in uniform electric field with respect to perturbations of density of an initially uniform state was carried out. The electric field increases the instability increment for the stratification along the field and decreases it for the transversal stratification. Thus, anisotropic separation into liquid(More)
We demonstrate the utility of frequency upconversion in a non-linear crystal for quantum information applications. By combining a bright “escort” beam with a signal photon inside of a periodically poled lithium niobate (PPLN) crystal, we are able to achieve near unit conversion efficiency. We use this conversion process to create high-efficiency infrared(More)
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