Alexander Kovtonyuk

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The effectiveness of small microphone arrays for in car use is investigated. These arrays are designed for speech enhancing at noise background within the cabin of a moving car. Speech and noise simulation based on designed mathematical algorithm of sound field modeling within a car cavity is applied for predicting effectiveness of the spatial-time(More)
A computationally efficient speech enhancement method is proposed. Reduction of computations is achieved due to derived properties of block model of autoregressive (AR) signal. Decreasing of filtering error in comparison with traditional Kalman filter is shown. The problem of estimation of speech AR parameters is also considered. A two-phase computationally(More)
As is well known, the problem of signal reconstruction may be reduced to estimation of coeecients of some signal decomposition. In the previous paper 1] we h a ve s h o wn, that optimal coordinate basis for this method must be formed from eigenfunctions of the Fisher's information operator (so-called PIC-basis). However direct usage of the PIC-basis is not(More)
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