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Abstract -In this paper, we present optimization tasks of the spectral and power efficiency of the m-ary channels' in wireless and mobile networks. The invariant efficiency criterions based on the m-ary digital channel's Shannon capacity are introduced. Two invariant fundamental resources efficiency optimums are investigated: first - the maximum spectral(More)
A connection between real poles of the growth functions for Coxeter groups acting on hyperbolic space of dimensions three and greater and algebraic integers is investigated. In particular, a certain geometric convergence of fundamental domains for cocompact hyperbolic Coxeter groups with finite-volume limiting polyhedron provides a relation between Salem(More)
We introduce an algorithm which transforms every four-dimensional cubulation into a cusped finite-volume hyperbolic four-manifold. Combinatorially distinct cubulations give rise to topologically distinct manifolds. Using this algorithm we construct the first examples of finite-volume hyperbolic four-manifolds with one cusp. More generally, we show that the(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate short- and long-term results of sphincter preserving operations with forming a colonic J-reservoir. This study examined the results of the treatment of 63 patients with medioampullary carcinoma of the rectum. Sphincter preserving operations with forming a reservoiroanal anastomosis were made in 34 patients (test group),(More)
We suggest a method of computing volume for a simple polytope P in three-dimensional hyperbolic space H 3. This method combines the combinatorial reduction of P as a trivalent graph Γ (the 1-skeleton of P) by I − H, or Whitehead, moves (together with shrinking of triangular faces) aligned with its geometric splitting into generalised tetra-hedra. With each(More)
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