Alexander Kolonja

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OBJECTIVE Survey of a group of snowboarders and study of their injuries, as well as analysis of the risk of injury considering the time spent on the snowboard. MATERIALS AND METHODS Of 7,221 students participating in winter sport programs organized by Austrian schools, 2,745 of those riding snowboards were asked to fill out questionnaires pertaining to(More)
Reaming during intramedullary nailing increases the intramedullary pressure (IMP) and can cause fat intravasation and subsequently lead to pulmonary dysfunction, especially in polytraumatized patients with lung contusion as well as increases in intracranial pressure (ICP).ICP changes were measured in two groups consisting of 12 sheep each with either a(More)
This study assessed the influence of driving speed and revolution rate per minute of two reamers on femoral intramedullary pressure increases and fat intravasation. The AO and Howmedica reamers were tested in four groups with different combinations of driving speed and revolution rate per minute in both femurs in a sheep model. The 24 animals were exposed(More)
INTRODUCTION Operative treatment of humeral shaft fractures has gained a new impetus with the development of intramedullary interlocking systems for the humerus. Because of the anatomical structure of the humeral marrow cavity, a regular jamming of nail into bone is not to be expected, so that the stability of these systems needs to be achieved through an(More)
BACKGROUND The benefits of sport are well recognized, but many activities carry a sport-specific injury risk. Snowboarding has become an increasingly popular winter sport in Austria in recent years, with an estimated 900,000 participants annually. Roughly 6,000 of these suffer from injury and up to 2,000 sustain moderate or severe wrist injuries (mainly(More)
INTRODUCTION While the undisplaced acetabular fractures have a good prognosis after conservative treatment, the management of the displaced fractures has been a controversial issue over the last decades with variable results in their treatment and prognosis. Anatomical reduction can be only achieved operatively. The long term outcome of 209 patients with(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the level of the syndesmotic screw, the number of screws needed, and whether one or both cortices of tibia should be engaged to closely reproduce the physiological stability and elastic of the ankle mortise in syndesmotic rupture after Maisonneuve fractures. Material and Methods: Twelve fresh frozen cadaveric(More)
Die Modifikation der klassischen autologen Knorpelzelltransplantation (ACT) mit der Verwendung von Biomaterialien zur matrixassoziierten autologen Knorpelzelltransplantation (MACT) zeigt operationstechnische und biologische Vorteile. In vorliegender Untersuchung wurden 3 unterschiedliche Biomaterialien als Trägersubstanzen für die kultivierten Zellen(More)
Der Begriff “Verfahrenswechsel” wird für unterschiedliche Therapieformen verwendet, da bis heute keine einheitliche Begriffsfestlegung stattfand. Im Rahmen einer retrospektiven Untersuchung wurde die Situation am Beispiel der Patienten mit Oberschenkelfrakturen nach Indikation, Technik und Ergebnissen analysiert. Der Ausdruck “Sekundäreingriff nach(More)
The change of treatment modality in osteosynthesis is based on two principles. On one hand, one can exchange the implant as part of a two step procedure to reduce side effects of stabilizing fractures. On the other hand, a reosteosynthesis may be required for treatment of complications. A retrospective analysis was undertaken to differentiate the situation(More)