Alexander Kleschev

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Ontology specification languages, ontologies of different levels of abstraction, knowledge and data are useful in the life cycle of knowledge-based systems. Since methods of processing some of these kinds of information are still in a research stage, new formalisms for representation of this information are proposed. As a result, extra efforts on developing(More)
Statements of the major tasks of inductive formation of knowledge are suggested. These are classifications and clusterings, which are part of machine learning and are applied for dependence models with parameters that are not flawed in their traditional statement. An algorithm for knowledge base formation is presented for learning samples in almost(More)
In this report various schemes for checking correctness of mathematical proofs are considered. A project of interactive theorem proving based on cloud computing is presented. The main features of this project are extendable language for representing mathematical propositions, extendable calculus of a higher order, two models for intuitive proofs, and also(More)
The paper provides an introduction into the area of inductive formation of knowledge bases. It presents traditional definitions of main problems in this area and highlights the current topical questions including the interpretability of the results. For solving of current problems in defined area the method of inductive formation of easily interpretable(More)
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