Alexander Khludnev

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Framework for shape and topology sensitivity analysis in geometrical domains with cracks is established for elastic bodies in two spatial dimensions. Equilibrium problem for elastic body with cracks is considered. Inequality type boundary conditions are prescribed at the crack faces providing a non-penetration between the crack faces. Modelling of such(More)
According to the Gri th criterion, a crack propagation occurs provided that the derivative of the energy functional with respect to the crack length reaches some critical value. We consider a generalization of this criterion to the case of nonlinear cracks satisfying a non-penetration condition and investigate the dependence of the shape derivative of the(More)
The paper is concerned with the analysis of a new class of overlapping domain problems for elastic bodies having cracks. Inequality type boundary conditions are imposed on the crack faces. We prove an existence of invariant integrals and analyze the asymptotic behavior of the solution. It is shown that the limit problem describes an equilibrium state for(More)
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