Alexander Kecojevic

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A magnetization-transfer (MT) CPMG hybrid experiment was performed to analyze T(2) relaxation and MT characteristics in bovine optic nerve. Two exchanging liquid pools with their own, independent MT characteristics were necessary to model both the T(2) relaxation and the MT data. The model agrees well with the experimental data and yields physically(More)
To characterize changes in the MR parameters of tissues due to thermal coagulation, a series of T(1), T(2), diffusion, and magnetization transfer measurements were performed on a variety of ex vivo tissues: murine slow twitch skeletal muscle, murine cardiac muscle, murine cerebral hemisphere, bovine white matter, murine liver tissue, bovine retroperitoneal(More)
Detection of pathogens in bloodstream infections is important for directing antimicrobial treatment, but current culture-based approaches can be problematic. Broad-range PCR assays which target conserved genomic motifs for postamplification amplicon analysis permit detection of sepsis-causing pathogens. Comparison of different broad-range assays is(More)
This study aimed to conduct a pilot evaluation of broad-based multiprobe polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in clinical cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples compared to local conventional PCR/culture methods used for bacterial meningitis surveillance. A previously described PCR consisting of initial broad-based detection of Eubacteriales by a universal probe,(More)
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