Alexander Kattan

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In order to assess human impacts and develop rational restoration goals for corals reefs, baseline estimates of fish communities are required. In Saudi Arabian waters of the Red Sea, widespread unregulated fishing is thought to have been ongoing for decades, but there is little direct evidence of the impact on reef communities. To contextualize this human(More)
Shark-cetacean aggregations and associations of false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens) with other cetaceans have been reported previously (e.g., Heithaus 2001; Baird et al. 2008). However, this is the first description of nonaggressive associations of P. crassidens with noncetaceans. Here we report encounters of P. crassidens associated with silky(More)
The interactive effects of aeration rate, storage temperature, harvest maturity, and storage duration on respiration and ripening of tomato fruits (Lycopersicum esculentum var. Roma) were studied. Slow aeration rate strongly reduced the climacteric but did not affect ripening. Low temperature slowed ripening and reduced respiratory rates, but low(More)
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