Alexander Kaletsch

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Personal health records (PHR) enable patients to manage their health information in cloud environments. The information contained in PHRs is highly sensitive. Unintended exposure of this data threatens an intimate part of a patient’s private sphere and may lead to undesirable consequences. Cloud technologies gain in momentum but also created security issues(More)
This paper describes a technical security analysis which is based on experiments done in a laboratory and verified in a physician’s practice. The health care telematics infrastructure in Germany stipulates every physician and every patient to automatically be given an electronic health smart card (for patients) and a corresponding health professional card(More)
Electronic Health Records (EHR) offer patients the opportunity to access their own medical records. Google and Microsoft recently extended their public services by introducing internet-based personal healthcare information platforms – Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault. Over one hundred thousand people have registered at the two services since they(More)
Die objektive Bewertung von Domainnamen gestaltet sich meist schwierig. Auf Basis einer Diskussion, welche auf einer ausführlichen Literaturrecherche beruht, werden die ausschlaggebenden Kriterien für das Bewertungsverfahren aus einer Vielzahl von Informationsquellen gefiltert und anschließend in drei verschiedenen Szenarien gewichtet. Um eine zuverlässige(More)
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