Alexander Kachkaev

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We enhance a user-centered design process with techniques that deliberately promote creativity to identify opportunities for the visualization of data generated by a major energy supplier. Visualization prototypes developed in this way prove effective in a situation whereby data sets are largely unknown and requirements open - enabling successful(More)
The findings drawn from opinion survey responses are usually made by producing summary charts or conducting statistical analysis. Both involve data aggregation and filtering as exploring the unaggregated data has traditionally been impractical or error-prone for large numbers of responses. We propose the use of glyphs with parallel coordinate plots to show(More)
Digital music libraries and collections are growing quickly and are increasingly made available for research. We argue that the use of large data collections will enable a better understanding of music performance and music in general, which will benefit areas such as music search and recommendation, music archiving and indexing, music production and(More)
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Datasets that are collected for research often contain millions of records and may carry hidden pitfalls that are hard to detect. This work demonstrates how visual analytics can be used for identifying problems in the spatial distribution of crawled photographic data in different datasets: Picasa Web Albums, Panoramio, Flickr and Geograph, chosen to be(More)
The analysis of large datasets of music audio and other representations entails the need for techniques that support musicologists and other users in interpreting extracted data. We explore and develop visualisation techniques of chord sequence patterns mined from a corpus of over one million tracks. The visualisations use different representations of root(More)
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