Alexander K. Wißpeintner

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Security is a very important issue in information processing, especially in open network environments like the Internet. The <i>Common Criteria</i> (CC) is the standard requirements catalogue for the evaluation of security critical systems. Using the CC, a large number of security requirements on the system itself and on the system development can be(More)
State-of-the-art software development increasingly relies on describing the system (or software) graphically, abstracting from an actual implementation platform, and supporting to generate an executable system out of the model. Similarly, in electrical engineering often graphically represented models are used to describe the controlled system including its(More)
Models: A model should contain only those aspects needed to support the development phase they are applied for (e.g., modeling the interaction between components by messages rather then method calls to the bus driver or the operating system). By abstraction a model reduce the complexity of description as much as possible as well as the possibility to(More)
Services as a basic notion are helpful in two respects: on the one hand, services are used to structure the specification of a system easing understand and reasoning about the system; on the other hand, services can also be used as design principle of the implementation architecture. This paper presents an approach for developing software systems using(More)
Using verification techniques to prove the correctness of systems is becoming more and more important. Especially in the domain of embedded and distributed systems, verification techniques are increasingly being used for quality assurance today. Model checking is a verification technique that allows the automatic verification of systems with a finite state(More)