Alexander K. Wißpeintner

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Security is a very important issue in information processing, especially in open network environments like the Internet. The <i>Common Criteria</i> (CC) is the standard requirements catalogue for the evaluation of security critical systems. Using the CC, a large number of security requirements on the system itself and on the system development can be(More)
There is a strong demand for techniques to aid development and modelling of security critical systems. Based on general security evaluation criteria, we show how to extend the system structure diagrams of the CASE tool ÙØÓÓÓÓÙ× (which are related to UML-RT collaboration diagrams) to allow modelling of security critical systems, in particular concerning(More)
In this paper we present a case study with AutoFocus, a tool prototype for the development of distributed embedded systems. We develop a controller of an elevator system using different description techniques to illustrate the development process. Furthermore we use the simulation component of AutoFocus, SimCenter, to validate the behavior of the specified(More)
State-of-the-art software development increasingly relies on describing the system (or software) graphically, abstracting from an actual implementation platform, and supporting to generate an executable system out of the model. Similarly, in electrical engineering often graphically represented models are used to describe the controlled system including its(More)
Services as a basic notion are helpful in two respects: on the one hand, services are used to structure the specification of a system easing understand and reasoning about the system; on the other hand, services can also be used as design principle of the implementation architecture. This paper presents an approach for developing software systems using(More)