Alexander Jackson

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We present a scheme for direct nonlinear inversion of picked moveout traveltimes in block-layered isotropic or VTI media. Using constant ray parameter traveltime differences between successive events allows inversion for velocity parameters of individual layers with no need for explicit layer stripping. We derive explicit closed-form inversion equations(More)
Advice taking is central to making better decisions, but some individuals seem unwilling to use advice. The present research examined the relationship between narcissism and advice taking. In particular, we studied the mechanisms that explain why narcissists are dismissive of advice. In three studies, we found that narcissism and advice taking were(More)
Plasma membrane localization can play a significant role in the ultimate function of certain proteins. Specific membrane domains like lipid rafts have been shown to be inhibitory domains to a number of signaling proteins, including Gsα, and chronic antidepressant treatment facilitates Gs signaling by removing Gsα form lipid rafts. The intent of this study(More)
Application of microfluidics to Positron Emission Tomography (PET) tracer synthesis has attracted increasing interest within the last decade. The technical advantages of microfluidics, in particular the high surface to volume ratio and resulting fast thermal heating and cooling rates of reagents can lead to reduced reaction times, increased synthesis yields(More)
INTRODUCTION Two 7-fluoroimidazobenzodiazepines (AH114726 and GEH120348), analogs of flumazenil, were labeled with fluorine-18 and evaluated as alternative radioligands for in vivo imaging of the GABAA/benzodiazepine receptor by comparing them to [(11)C]flumazenil in rhesus monkey. METHODS Radiotracers were prepared from the corresponding nitro-precursors(More)
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