Alexander J. Weir

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The next generation of medical technology applications for hand-held portable platforms will provide a core change in performance and sophistication, transforming the way health care professionals interact with patients. This advance is particularly apparent in the delivery of cognitive patient assessments, where smartphones and tablet computers are being(More)
BACKGROUND Delirium is an acute, severe deterioration in mental functioning. Inattention is the core feature, yet there are few objective methods for assessing attentional deficits in delirium. We previously developed a novel, graded test for objectively detecting inattention in delirium, implemented on a computerized device (Edinburgh Delirium Test Box(More)
A novel, tablet-based application (app) has been developed to act as a screening tool for visual impairment in stroke survivors; The Stroke Vision app. The app includes assessments for visual acuity, visual fields and visuospatial neglect, as well as novel tools for the education of patients, carers and staff. The app has been devised by experts in the(More)
P. R. Burchat,2 M. King,2 G. S. Abrams,’ C. E. Adolphsen2 D. Averill, J. Ballam, B. C. Barish,5 T. Barklow, B. A. Barnett,’ J. Bartelt,4 S. Bethke,r D. Blockus, G. Bonvicini,7 A. Boyarski,4 B. Brabson,3 A. Breakstone, F. Bu10s,~ D. L. Burke,4 R. J. Cence,8 J. Chapman,7 M. Chmeissani,7 D. Cords,4 D. P. Coupal, P. Dauncey, 6 H. C. DeStaebler,4 D. E. Dorfan,’(More)
In this paper, a method of characterization of a transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound propagation channel is proposed. A simplified 3-D isotropic half-spheroid scattering channel model is described. The temporal autocorrelation function (ACF) is investigated. Based on the theoretical model, a sum-of-sinusoids (SoS) simulation model is proposed and its(More)
Medical phantoms are frequently required to verify image and signal processing systems, and are often used to support algorithm development for a wide range of imaging and blood flow assessments. A phantom with accurate scattering properties is a crucial requirement when assessing the effects of multi-path propagation channels during the development of(More)
There are various practical situations in medical applications when pre-clinical investigations must be performed using a simulation environment or test bench prior to human studies. One example is the analysis of propagation channels in Transcanial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound (US), a signal processing challenge requiring the analysis of data from US waves(More)
We report a measurement of the lifetime of the B” meson based upon 29 GeV e‘teannihilation data taken with the Mark II detector at PEP. The B” mesons are tagged by their decays into D *-e+v.and D*-F+V, where the D*is tagged by its decay into 7r-@. We reconstruct the decay vertices of 15 B” meson candidates and measure the B” lifetime to be 1.20~“,:~3’“,:~“,(More)
. We have observed hadronic final states produced in the decays of 2 bosons. In order to study the parton structure of these events, we compare the distributions in sphericity, thrust, aplanarity and number of jets to the predictions of several &CD-based models and to data from lower energies. The data and models agree within the present statistical(More)
The aim of this paper is to give a direct approach to the study of the Sylow ^-subgroups Sn of the symmetric group of degree pn. [We assume throughout that p^2.] Many of the results are already known and are treated in a paper by Kaloujnine where he uses a particular representation by means of "reduced polynomials."1 It has seemed worth while to restate(More)
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