Alexander J. Gabourie

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Transistors based on atomically thin two-dimensional (2D) materials like MoS<sub>2</sub> have attractive properties for applications in low-power electronics. However, in practice their electrical measurements often exhibit hysteresis [1,2], masking their intrinsic behavior. Here, we use pulsed measurements to decrease hysteresis, examine charge trapping,(More)
We investigate heat conduction across the interface of a monolayer semiconductor and its supporting substrate using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. For the first time, we show that for the interface between MoS2 and SiO2, thermal boundary conductance (TBC) is 15.5 &#x00B1; 1.5 MWK<sup>&#x2212;1</sup>m<sup>&#x2212;2</sup>. The TBC is found to increase(More)
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