Alexander J. Fowler

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Non-technical skills are of increasing importance in surgery and surgical training. A traditional focus on technical skills acquisition and competence is no longer enough for the delivery of a modern, safe surgical practice. This review discusses the importance of non-technical skills and the values that underpin successful modern surgical practice. This(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the use and utility of the Freedom of Information Act (2000) in healthcare research since 2005 and to determine if any particular feature of studies found led to greater data acquisition. DESIGN PRISMA compliant systematic review. PARTICIPANTS An extensive literature search was performed of EMBASE, MEDLINE, CINAHL, psychINFO, BNI,(More)
The incidence of femoral neck fractures (FNFs) is expected to rise with life expectancy. It is important to improve the safety of these patients whilst under the care of orthopaedic teams. This study aimed to increase the performance of vital preoperative tasks in patients admitted for femoral neck fracture operations by producing and implementing a(More)
PRs are, ideally, condensed and accurate summaries of research. However, it is in the interests of researchers to maxi-mise their media exposure, citations and funding. 9 Despite this, the process of peer review is key to validate the method, and thereby the results, of research. 10 Scientific publishing remains a self regulated entity; the provenance of(More)
Major complications in surgery affect up to 16% of surgical procedures. Over the past 50 years, many patient safety initiatives have attempted to reduce such complications. Since the formation of the National Patient Safety Agency in 2001, there have been major advances in patient safety. Most recently, the production and implementation of the Surgical(More)
INTRODUCTION The Declaration of Helsinki 2013 encourages the registration of all research studies involving human participants. However, emphasis has been placed on prospective clinical trials, and it is estimated that only 10% of observational studies are registered. In response, Research Registry(®) was launched in February 2015; a retrospectively curated(More)
INTRODUCTION Breast cancer has a lifetime incidence of one in eight women. Over the past three decades there has been a move towards breast conservation and a focus on aesthetic outcomes while maintaining oncological safety. For some patients, mastectomy is the preferred option. There is growing interest in the potential use of nipple sparing mastectomy(More)
INTRODUCTION Case series are an important and common study type in surgical literature. There is evidence that key data are excluded from published case series, and currently no reporting guideline exists for case series. There is, therefore, the potential to change practices and improve the reporting of case series. Reporting guidelines have been shown to(More)
INTRODUCTION The Cook-Swartz implantable Doppler monitors venous or arterial blood flow from free flaps and can detect free-flap compromise. Previous studies have shown that the use of this Doppler can improve detection and salvage rates as it provides an earlier warning than the current method of clinical assessment. Such studies assert that the(More)