Alexander J Cohen

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Three experiments studied the perception of tone sequences having various degrees of musical structure. Ratings of perceived structure and ease of recognition in transposition were both influenced by harmonic progression (as defined by music theory), the contour (directional changes in pitch), and the excursion or repetition pattern within the sequence. The(More)
In the present research we examined the development of sensitivity to two musical relations significant in Western tonal music, the semitone and diatonic structure. Infants and preschool children were tested for their detection of a semitone change in any position of a five-note melody. Two standard melodies were used, one composed of diatonic tones only(More)
Thirty-six different binaural noises were formed by crossing six right-ear intensities of a broadband noise with the same six intensities in the left ear in a 6 X 6 factorial design. Children (6-7 years of age) and adults were presented with 2 of these 36 binaural noises on a trial and asked to indicate which noise was louder. In Experiment 1, the left- and(More)
Mixed results have been found for the impact of auditory information presented during high-perceptual-load visual search tasks, with some studies showing large effects and others indicating inattentional deafness, with such stimuli going largely undetected. In three experiments, we demonstrated that task relatedness is a key factor in whether extraneous(More)
In three experiments, musically trained and untrained adults listened to three repetitions of a 5-note melodic sequence followed by a final melody with either the same tune as those preceding it or differing in one position by one semitone. In Experiment 1, ability to recognize the final sequence was examined as a function of redundancy at the levels of(More)
The perception of microtonal scales was investigated in a melodic identification task. In each trial, eight pure tones, equally-spaced in log frequency in the vicinity of 700 Hz, were presented in one of nine different serial orders. There were two experiments, each with 108 trials (six scales [tone sets] x nine serial orders x two repetitions). In each(More)
Increasing numbers and varieties of electronic monitors are used in hospital operating rooms. Many of these are equipped with auditory alarms which are loud, insistent, or irritating, and thus are frequently disabled by the anaesthetist. This study was planned to evaluate two components of auditory alarm design which may influence the usefulness of the(More)
In Quarterly Progress Report No. 80 (page 99) a method was discussed for extracting information on the velocity distribution of electrons in a plasma from measurements of the spectrum of emitted microwave radiation. Briefly, in the neighborhood of wB' the electron cyclotron frequency of an applied magnetic field, the departure of the effective radiation(More)
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