Alexander J. Blustin

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A long 280 ks observation of the Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 3783 with XMM-Newton is reported. We focus on the oxygen line complex between 17 and 24 Å as measured with the RGS spectrometers. Accurate absorption column densities and emission line fluxes are obtained. We explore several options for the geometry and physical form of the emitting and absorbing gas.(More)
We report early photospheric-phase observations of the Type IIP Supernova (SN) 2005cs obtained by Swift’s Ultraviolet-Optical and X-Ray Telescopes. Observations started within two days of discovery and continued on a regular basis for three weeks. During this time the V-band magnitude remained essentially constant, while the UV was initially bright but(More)
In February 2006, Swift caught a gamma-ray burst (GRB) in the act of turning into a supernova, and made the first ever direct observations of the break-out and early expansion of a supernova shock wave. GRB 060218 began with an exceptionally long burst of non-thermal gamma-rays, lasting over 2000s, as a jet erupted through the surface of the star. While(More)
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