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In seven diabetics of type 1 and seven of type 2, the flow physiologic magnitudes were measured in a retinal quadrant before and after photocoagulation. The segmental blood flow, the arterial flow velocity, and the diameters of artery and vein are smaller after photocoagulation than before. Investigations into the time course of the flow-physiologic(More)
Spectrometric investigations were carried out in normal human maculae and optic discs and in those with pathological findings (50 eyes in total). Reflection spectra were measured by illumination of various points of the fundus, using a highly sensitive photon-counting technique. It is necessary to distinguish diffusely reflected light from regularly(More)
To compare CC chemokine mRNA levels from native peripheral blood mononucleated cells (PBMCs) before and 6 months after the initiation of two different regimens of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), we treated group 1 (n = 11) with two nucleoside analogues and the protease inhibitor (PI) indinavir boosted by ritonavir (800/100 mg b.i.d.); group 2(More)
The generalized capillary dilatation demonstrable at the early stage of diabetic retinopathy can now, on the basis of recent results in biochemistry, be assessed as an attempt at autoregulation in relative hypoxia of tissue. In patients with diabetic retinopathy, an elevated HbA1c concentration in the blood can be observed. The DPG level, however, is(More)