Alexander I Petrov

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A new approach to fabricate polyelectrolyte microcapsules is based on exploiting porous inorganic microparticles of calcium carbonate. Porous CaCO3 microparticles (4.5-5.0 microns) were synthesized and characterized by scanning electron microscopy and the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller method of nitrogen adsorption/desorption to get a surface area of 8.8 m2/g and(More)
A new approach of encapsulation of proteins in polyelectrolyte microcapsules has been developed using porous calcium carbonate microparticles as microsupports for layer-by-layer (LbL) polyelectrolyte assembling. Two different ways were used to prepare protein-loaded CaCO3 microparticles: (i) physical adsorption--adsorption of proteins from the solutions(More)
The novel Sn(Gly)2⋅H2O complex compound has been synthesized and characterized by TGA, IR and Raman spectroscopy. Molecular spectroscopy and ab initio simulation have given the evidence of glycine molecule being coordinated to Sn(II) as bidentate chelating ligand by oxygen atom of carboxyl group and nitrogen atom of amino group. Water molecule is bonded(More)
The available drugs for the treatment of chronic liver affections (the adequate model is chronic hepatitis C) include agents of metabolic therapy, whose efficacy is not always enough, that required the search for original mitochondrial substrates on the basis of succinate. Such agents were composed as a pharmaceutical group named "Substrates of Energetic(More)
The level of endogenous S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM) production during pharmacological correction of acute toxic (tetrachloromethane) and chronic drug-induced liver injury treated by remaxol, exogenous ademethionine, and reamberin has been studied on 118 outbred male rats. It is established that, upon a single introduction of tetrachlormethane (acute toxic(More)
The prospects of a control for a novel gallium nitride pseudo-halide vapor phase epitaxy (PHVPE) with HCN were thoroughly analyzed for hydrocarbons-NH3-Ga gas phase on the basis of quantum chemical investigation with DFT (B3LYP, B3LYP with D3 empirical correction on dispersion interaction) and ab-initio (CASSCF, coupled clusters, and multireference(More)
Described in the paper are the results of designing a combination-luminescence lidar for the automated express determination of the concentration and dynamic distribution of biological pollutants in the atmosphere. It was established as possible to detect simultaneously the signals of aerosols' luminescence and those of combined atmospheric nitrogen(More)
Equations of the Markov approximation method for the problem of laser beam propagation in the turbulent atmosphere with precipitation have been obtained by replacing precipitation particles with spatially disordered finite black screens and by replacing turbulent inhomogeneities with analogous phase screens. Solution of the equation for the mutual coherence(More)
The aspects of virus hepatitis C immunopathogenesis are discussed. The main attention is paid to higher production of Th1 cytokines providing active protection of the host from HCV. The up-to-date approaches to the therapy of chronic hepatitis C, described in the literature and the original ones, including the triple therapy with immunomodulators of various(More)
The effect of runihol and ademethionine on the processes of reparative regeneration in the liver has been experimentally studied in a group of 78 white male rats subjected to partial hepatectomy, in comparison to intact and drug-untreated operated control animals. The administration of ademethionine and runihol within the first four days after operation led(More)