Alexander I. MASLOV

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The ultrastructure and respiratory activity of mitochondria in rice coleoptile grown in the presence and in the absence of an inibitor of mitochondrial protein synthesis (chloramphenicol) have been studied. It is shown that during the first 48 h of germination a rapid development of mitochondrial cristae takes place without notable influence of(More)
It was found that bionts isolated from the lichen Parmelia sulcata Taylor had a marked difference with respect to nitrate assimilation. Isolated and purified photobiont, the green alga Trebouxia sp. showed no ability of nitrate absorption. Mycobiont and thallus fragments containing both bionts absorbed nitrate. Illumination had no essential influence on the(More)
Three fractions were isolated from Parmelia sulcata lichen thalli: mycobiont-enriched fraction, highly purified preparation of Trebouxia sp. alga, and a photobiont-enriched fraction, in which the fungal component and symbiotic relations between the bionts were retained. The ratio between the fungal and algal components in all fractions was estimated from(More)
The paper gives the results of sequence analysis of 150 positive samples in real-time RT-PCR, including 47 autopsy materials from patients (including 10 pregnant women), who died from fatal pneumonia mainly in November-December 2009, in whom the lifetime etiological diagnosis had not been made and hence no early etiotropic therapy performed. 70% of the(More)
The concentration of mean molecule peptides is by far less in serum versus plasma. The concentration of mean molecule peptides in serum can go down, in endotoxicosis degrees 3-4, to normal values, whereas it can exceed 3-4-fold the normal value in plasma. The most pronounced reduction of peptides' concentration in serum was registered for the fraction with(More)