Alexander Hundt

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Justification: Explaining why a result provided by the system is valid. Conceptualisation: Clarify the meaning of a term / concept to the user. Our paper focuses on extending the explanation capabilities of the myCBR SDK as well as on the optimisation of the myCBR SDK in the context of android-based mobile application development. We examined the available(More)
Aircraft diagnosis is a highly complex topic. Many knowledge sources are required and have to be integrated into a diagnosis system. This paper describes the instantiation of a multi-agent system for case-based aircraft diagnosis based on the SEASALT architecture. This system will extend a existing rule-based diagnosis system, to make use of the experience(More)
One of the main aspects of knowledge management is the task of knowledge maintenance. Building and running knowledge intensive Case-Based Reasoning applications requires fundamental design decisions during the system design phase with regard to the knowledge maintenance within the system as well as accurate knowledge maintenance approaches within the(More)
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