Alexander Hornung

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BACKGROUND Ventilation with high positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) can lead to liver dysfunction. We hypothesized that an open lung concept (OLC) using high PEEP impairs liver function and integrity dependent on the stabilization of cardiac output. METHODS Juvenile female Pietrain pigs instrumented with flow probes around the common hepatic artery(More)
In a retrospective study the postoperative time courses of CEA in colorectal cancer patients with recurrent disease were analysed. In 87/114 cases with increasing concentrations of circulating CEA under close follow-up a linear relationship between log CEA and time could be established during disease recurrence. The individual doubling times of the serum(More)
In our study of patients with resected primary gastrointestinal cancer, slope analysis of the post-operatively increasing carcinoembryonic antigen time courses signaled relapse in about 80 percent of the patients up to 12 months before positive clinical diagnosis. In 29 patients, clinical confirmation of the relapse could be obtained only after second-look(More)
The clinical validity of monitoring the tumor markers carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and CA 19-9 were investigated in 602 patients with colorectal, gastric, and pancreatic carcinomas. Sensitivity and specificity of the tests were evaluated preoperatively as well as in the postoperative follow-up for early detection of disease progression and recurrence. At(More)
In a clinical investigation of postoperative survival after primary surgery for stomach cancer, 390 patients were registered since 1974. The potential prognostic parameters examined within the first days of hospitalization for primary resection included age of the patients, operability, tumour extension (TNM classification) and tumour stages I-IV (UICC).(More)
This paper addresses stereoscopic view generation from a light field. We present a framework that allows for the generation of stereoscopic image pairs with per-pixel control over disparity, based on multi-perspective imaging from light fields. The proposed framework is novel and useful for stereoscopic image processing and post-production. The stereoscopic(More)
Virtual city models become more and more important in applications like virtual city guides, geographic information systems or large scale visualizations, and also play an important role during the design of wireless networks and the simulation of noise distribution or environmental phenomena. However, generating city models of sufficient quality with(More)
A monoclonal CEA-EIA assay is evaluated with respect to clinically pertinent data. Comparison is done with the conventional CEA-RIA assay (Roche). Good interlaboratory reproducibility was found, and the stability was very good over the one year evaluation period. The EIA assay could be performed in samples of serum and plasma with compatible results. The(More)
Compared to classic media like movies or theatre interactive digital productions in the field of entertainment computing like VR environments and computer games are typically lacking sophistication in their dramaturgic arrangement. While hardware and network technologies are rapidly gaining quality and speed we cannot observe remarkable improvements in the(More)