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OpenPTrack: People Tracking for Heterogeneous Networks of Color-Depth Cameras
This paper introduces OpenPTrack, an open source software for multi-camera people tracking in RGB-D camera networks. Expand
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PEG-asparaginase (Oncaspar) 2500 U/m2 BSA in reinduction and relapse treatment in the ALL/NHL-BFM protocols
Abstract.Purpose: As previous data had shown that only two-thirds of patients had the predicted activity time courses when PEG-asparaginase 1000 U/m2 was used in reinduction after native E. coliExpand
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Yardsticks of inequality: Preferences for redistribution in advanced democracies
This article explores how preferences for redistribution among voters are affected by the structure of inequality. There are strong theoretical reasons to believe that some voter segments matter moreExpand
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Stereoselective Modification of N-(α-Hydroxyacyl)-glycinesters via Palladium-Catalyzed Allylic Alkylation.
N-(α-Hydroxyacyl)-glycinesters can be used as excellent nucleophiles in Pd-catalyzed allylic alkylation. The method allows for the stereoselective introduction of a wide range of side chains,Expand
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Can the online crowd match real expert judgments? How task complexity and coder location affect the validity of crowd‐coded data
Crowd‐coding is a novel technique that allows for fast, affordable and reproducible online categorisation of large numbers of statements. Expand
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Peeping at the corpus – What is really going on behind the equality and welfare items of the Manifesto project?
The Comparative Manifestos Project (CMP) data set quantifies how much parties emphasize certain topics and positions and is very popular in the study of political parties. The data set is alsoExpand
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Conditional Solidarity: A Comparative Analysis of Government Egalitarianism and Benefit Conditionalization in Boom and Bust
ABSTRACT Surveys show that welfare benefits are regarded as more legitimate if the beneficiaries are perceived as victims of systemic circumstances; that their legitimacy is sensitive to economicExpand
The Illusion of Class in Welfare State Politics
Social class, with its potentially pivotal influence on both policy-making and electoral outcomes tied to the welfare state, is a frequent fixture in academic and political discussions about socialExpand
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Laser Processing in Photovoltaics– State of the Art and Future Perspectives
Laser processing is applied to reduce the reflectivity on crystalline silicon solar cells and structure sizes for patterning applied for thin-film solar modules, and to improve the opto-electricalExpand
Crisis, Class, and Social Policy: Public Opinion and Inequality