Alexander Hewer

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The reliable estimation of the Lagrangian stress tensor from an image sequence is a challenging problem in mechanical engineering. Since this tensor involves first order motion derivatives, it appears tempting to estimate the optical flow field with a highly accurate variational model and compute its derivatives afterwards. In this paper we explain why this(More)
Vocal tract magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become one of the preferred imaging modalities for the analysis of human speech production. However, the raw image data must be segmented before further analysis can take place. This paper describes a hybrid approach to extract a 3D tongue model from 3D or 2D MRI scans of the vocal tract during speech, which(More)
We describe a minimally-supervised method for computing a statistical shape space model of the palate surface. The model is created from a corpus of vol-umetric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans collected from 12 speakers. We extract a 3D mesh of the palate from each speaker, then train the model using principal component analysis (PCA). The palate(More)
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