Alexander Herrmann

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The power of a genome-wide disease association study depends critically upon the properties of the marker set used, particularly the number and physical spacing of markers, and the level of inter-marker association due to linkage disequilibrium. Extending our previously devised theoretical framework for the entropy-based selection of genetic markers, we(More)
We established a database of alternative splice forms (ASforms) for nine eukaryotic organisms. ASforms are defined by comparing high-scoring ESTs with mRNA sequences using BLAST, taking known exon-intron information (from the Ensembl database). Filtering programs compare the ends of each aligned sequence pair for deletions or insertions in the EST sequence,(More)
SUMMARY The Helmholtz Network for Bioinformatics (HNB) is a joint venture of eleven German bioinformatics research groups that offers convenient access to numerous bioinformatics resources through a single web portal. The 'Guided Solution Finder' which is available through the HNB portal helps users to locate the appropriate resources to answer their(More)
Cytosine methylation provides an epigenetic level of cellular plasticity that is important for development, differentiation and cancerogenesis. We adopted microdroplet PCR to bisulfite treated target DNA in combination with second generation sequencing to simultaneously assess DNA sequence and methylation. We show measurement of methylation status in a wide(More)
The goal of side-channel evaluation is to estimate the vulnerability of an implementation against the most powerful attacks. In this paper, we present a closed equation for the success rate computation in a profiling-based side-channel analysis scenario. From this equation, we derive a metric that can be used for optimizing the attack scenario by finding(More)
Physical implementations have significant impacts to the security level of hardware cryptography, mainly due to the fact that the bottom-layer logic fundamentals typically act as the exploitable SCA leakage sources. As a widely studied countermeasure category, dual-rail precharged logic theoretically withstands side-channel analysis by compensating the(More)