Alexander Hasse

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A randomized clinical trial was undertaken to compare the effectiveness of two partial denture designs, one with I-bar (bar) and the other with circumferential retainers (circumferential), in 134 patients with Kennedy class I and class II edentulous conditions. A total of 30 partial dentures were considered failures, five because of abutment failures and 25(More)
The incidence of ST segment depression during tooth extraction was significantly higher in patients with cardiac disease than it was in patients without cardiac disease, indicating that the cardiac patients experienced myocardial ischemia. The almost equivalent incidence of ST segment depression during anesthetic administration and surgery suggests that the(More)
This study compared the tactile sensitivity of splinted abutment and denture teeth of 16 fixed partial dentures (FPD) supported by blade implants and 16 removable partial dentures (RPD) in patients with Kennedy Class I and Class II edentulous conditions. No significant differences were noted between the tactile thresholds of the natural abutment teeth and(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed to develop a robotic interface capable of providing finely-tuned, multidirectional trunk assistance adjusted in real-time during unconstrained locomotion in rats and mice. APPROACH We interfaced a large-scale robotic structure actuated in four degrees of freedom to exchangeable attachment modules exhibiting selective compliance along(More)
PROBLEM Good scientific evidence is lacking on the impact of improvement in masticatory function after prosthodontic restoration of missing teeth. PURPOSE This study compares 1-week dietary intakes of 218 healthy, male patients, 111 patients restored with mandibular unilateral or bilateral distal base extension removable partial dentures and 107 patients(More)
A patient with alcoholic cirrhosis had multiple episodes of sepsis with Klebsiella pneumonia. Repeated searches for the source of infection finally revealed the organism in the root of a tooth. Evidence indicated that this site was the primary source of infection. The importance of dental infections in alcoholics and the difficulty in diagnosing those(More)