Alexander Haertel

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The nonequilibrium response of a colloidal liquid-crystalline nematic phase to an external aligning field, which rotates in a plane, is explored by dynamical fundamental measure density-functional theory. Depending on the drive frequency, different dynamical states are found, which are characterized by towing and overtaking of the nematic director by the(More)
A combination of fundamental measure density functional theory and Monte Carlo computer simulation is used to determine the orientation-resolved interfacial tension and stiffness for the equilibrium hard-sphere crystal-fluid interface. Microscopic density functional theory is in quantitative agreement with simulations and predicts a tension of(More)
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The recently developed fundamental measure density functional theory (Hansen-Goos and Mecke 2009 Phys. Rev. Lett. 102 018302) for an inhomogeneous anisotropic hard body fluid is used as a basic ingredient in treating the Brownian dynamics of hard spherocylinders. After discussing the relevance of a free parameter in the fundamental measure density(More)