Alexander H S Harris

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BACKGROUND Various landmarks can guide tibial component rotational alignment in routine TKA, but with the deeper tibial resection levels common in complex primary and revision TKAs, it is unknown whether these landmarks remain reliable. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We asked whether three techniques for determining tibial component rotation based on local anatomic(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma patients' perceptions of triggers have been explored in a largely unstructured fashion in the past. We therefore developed and validated a questionnaire of commonly perceived asthma triggers. METHODS Two hundred forty-seven primary care patients with asthma filled in an asthma trigger survey together with questionnaires on demographics,(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple clinical trials have shown that arthroscopy for knee osteoarthritis is not efficacious. It is unclear how these studies have affected orthopaedic practice in the USA. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We questioned whether, in the Veterans Health Administration system, rates of knee arthroscopy in patients with osteoarthritis have changed after(More)
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