Alexander H. Mo

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Current work in tuning DNA kinetics has focused on changing toehold lengths and DNA concentrations. However, kinetics can also be improved by enhancing the completion probability of the strand displacement process. Here, we execute this strategy by creating a toehold DNA motor device with the inclusion of a synthetic nucleotide, inosine, at selected sites.(More)
Hollow/porous nanoparticles, including nanocarriers, nanoshells, and mesoporous materials have applications in catalysis, photonics, biosensing, and delivery of theranostic agents. Using a hierarchical template synthesis scheme, we have synthesized a nanocarrier mimicking a golf ball, consisting of (i) solid silica core with a pitted gold surface and (ii) a(More)
Colloidal particles with two or more different surface properties (Janus particles) are of interest in catalysis, biological imaging, and drug delivery. Eccentric nanoparticles are a type of Janus particle consisting of a shell that envelops the majority of a core particle, leaving a portion of the core surface exposed. Previous work to synthesize eccentric(More)
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