Alexander H. Chang

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We report the imaging features of 4 cases of patients with papillary tumor of the pineal region, a tumor newly recognized in the 2007 World Health Organization "Classification of Tumors of the Nervous System." In each case, the tumor was intrinsically hyperintense on T1-weighted images with a characteristic location in the posterior commissure or pineal(More)
Cable robotics is an emerging research field in robotics which has the potential to be applied to a variety of practical purposes and tasks. Applications dealing with short distance transportation of hazardous materials as well as the handling of and interaction around these materials are several of the major tasks that can be handled efficiently and safely(More)
The scales on the skin of a snake are an integral part of the snake's locomotive capabilities. It stands to reason that the integration of scales into the design of robotic snakes would open new properties to exploit. In this work, we present a robotic snake design that incorporates rigid scales in the casing of each module. To validate the impact of the(More)
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