Alexander Grun

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Few-cycle pulses centered at long wavelengths with stable carrier envelope phase are increasingly sought after for a range of strong-field physics and spectroscopic applications. The generation of such pulses at central wavelengths up to 1.8 µm is well-known [1], however at longer wavelengths non-collinear optical parametric amplifiers must be used(More)
Nonlinear optical interactions in gas-filled hollow fibres are currently widely employed for the generation of intense, few-cycle laser pulses[1], while shifting the center wavelength of such few-cycle pulses toward longer wavelengths is of great importance for the generation of extreme ultra-violet radiation [2].
We demonstrate efficient parametric generation of ≫ 4 µJ, 80 fs pulses centered at 1:3 µm in a gas-filled hollow fibre. The measured bandwidth supports few cycle, passively CEP-locked infrared pulses for EUV and attosecond physics.
We demonstrate improved accuracy and consistency for spectral-shearing interferometry using multiple shears. Using a new algorithm, different spectral shears are combined to perform accurate spectral phase measurements of complicated pulses from a hollow-core fiber system.
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